Static and Dynamic Stretching

Check out the attachment for a pretty simple one-sheet pros-and-cons list of static (holding) and dynamic (moving) stretching.

Dynamic and Static Stretch

This from a good friend and an excellent physical therapist who helped me figure out some knee pain I was having when training for my first marathon a few months ago. Part of his recommendation was a dynamic stretching warmup routine, which I immediately questioned, as I’d always heard warm up first, then slow, static stretching for five or ten or however many minutes.

So he sent me this, along with his routine, all of which ended up treating me really well.

More questions on this? Shoot me a line, of course, and I’d also be happy to pass on my friend’s work information if you’re looking for an awesome PT.


2 responses to “Static and Dynamic Stretching

  1. Guinevere Amadeo, LMP

    This is fantastic! I had a hard time opening up the link, but I am always interested in great practitioners to refer to. Let me know if your friends would be a good fit for a local PT accepting new patients.


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