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If you’re a learner like me, you like to understand the end before you can fully grock the whole process. In other words, the question “where is all this going? what’s next?” is just as important at the beginning as at the end.

As its worst, I think, this kind of questioning is a way of avoiding, of mentally needing every duck in a row before committing to something (and there are always ducks not in their rows, yeah?). As its best, though, it’s an appreciation of the whole, of beginnings and endings mirroring each other, and existing co-dependently.

That’s my long introduction for what’s below: a one-page letter I just wrote to give to my first, and subsequent, graduates of a KMI Structural Integration series. So even though it’s not a letter to you per se, if you haven’t gone through a full SI series, it’s for you if…

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