KMI Structural Bodywork

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And whew … the first two weeks of my year-long KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) training have just come to an end. And since it began, I’ve had KMI on the brain (and in the body, and while talking, eating, breathing, walking and yes, sometimes even dreaming)!

One of the things that really struck me during this training was how amazingly effective this work is. It’s been quite incredible, actually, and I wouldn’t say I’m easily impressed with this kind of stuff :)

Along with a deeper understanding of how our bodies are put together, how we use them and what can go wrong (and right), I’ve got an arsenal of new, super effective bodywork techniques for the upper and lower back, shoulders, and neck. Plus, I’m becoming much more familiar with movement and postural assessment, which means a better link between how what we do on the table translates well into your life off the table.

Awesome, right? I think so.

If you’d like to experience this work (from assessment to myofascial release treatment to a re-assessment throughout and at the end), I’ve got a deal for you.

I’m looking for ten people (only) who want to be guinea pigs! I’ll do two KMI-based sessions with each of you.

The gist: each session is 90 minutes, which includes both assessment and treatment time. I’m happy to answer any pressing questions you have, too, and of course and always, you have my full attention and support!

Sign up here, then scroll down to read through what to expect, and some answers to questions you might have.

Pricing: Two 90 min structural bodywork sessions for just $160 (or $80 per 90 min session, which is 40% off my KMI-graduated price of $135 each).

Sign up! Here’s how.

  1. Click  the ‘buy now’ button and complete the payment process. (Payment is through PayPal; no PayPal account necessary, just choose ‘check out’.)
  2. Book your sessions.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and read “How it works and what to bring.”
  4. Eagerly await the first one!

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(If you’d rather pay by cash or credit card, just send me an email and let me know you’ll be paying on your first session, and I’ll count you as one of the ten.)

Q and A:

Is this different than the work we normally do together?

For some of you, yes, for others less so. This work accentuates a certain style of work that I do quite often, actually, and that will be quite familiar to some of you. What’s different for everyone is both a change in overview and assessment (i.e. the how and why), and technique to a lesser degree (focusing most exclusively on the fascia, i.e. the what).

The short of it: it’s a far cry from a relaxation massage.

Will it hurt?

It can be uncomfortable, yes. I’m trying not to turn this too much into a politician’s answer, but it can be helpful to take a step back and realize how much we in the West associate discomfort with “something’s wrong” when that’s not necessarily the case (and while of course acknowledging that certainly can be true!).

Ultimately, you’ll have a good sense of any kind of not-good pain you encounter, which would be rare if not absent altogether in a session like this. We can totally talk about this during the session, too, if you have any questions.

One of the instructors for our class said something I like very much: “Change happens on the edge.” For most of us, the edge can be a little uncomfortable, no? But so, so rewarding.

Where can I learn more about KMI?

A cool little write-up on their website at

When should I schedule my sessions?

Schedule with me any time, at your convenience. Send me an email or give me a call

I’m open for these sessions between Wednesday, February 9 – Wednesday, March 16, and again March 30 – April 4. (I’d like to complete all of these sessions between the 1st and 2nd KMI modules.)

Thank you!


Thanks for supporting my continuing education, and for supporting a local small business. And, of course, how awesome that this can be a symbiotic relationship (read: this is going to be really great for you, too!).

Yours in health and a free, liberated body,

Liam Bowler
LMP and KMI student

For questions, please call me at (415) 464-7115 or email bodywork (at)

How it works and what to bring

I’ll have you fill out an intake form if this is our first session ever together, so arrive a few minutes early if that’s the case.

We’ll start the session with body reading. For this, you’ll want to have clothing that you’re comfortable wearing, and that reveals as much of your body as you’re comfortable with.

Suggestions for what to wear: swimwear, or shorts and a bra. We can totally do the body reading with you fully clothed too, or anything in between that and a swimsuit, and that’s much better than not doing it at all—just be aware that the more stuff between you and the assessment, the less accurate it will be.

Then we’ll do the bodywork, which will be some on the table, some at a bench, and some standing and moving in between. You’ll keep on whatever you wore for the body reading portion, and we’ll do all the work in this.

We’ll end with another postural and movement assessment, and discuss how you feel, what to do now and what’s next.

Sound good?

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This offer will be taken down when I reach 10 participants.


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