KMI 3 Series Discount Offer

Hello! This page is an offer to receive a 3-Series of Structural Bodywork, as part of my professional practice and my continuing education this year in Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI).

If you already know what it’s about and you’re game, you can send me an email at bodywork (at) liambowler (dot) com and let me know you’re committing to the series. We’ll set up your first session from there.

The cost for this series is a hugely discounted $85 per 90-minute session for the first 16 people to sign up, and then $110 per session after that (still discounted off my future rate of $90 per hour, or $135 per session, for Structural work).

So … what is this? A fine question.

In essence, for me, a 3-Series in KMI Structural Bodywork is a way of exploring your body, its spatial relationships and the effect that has on your overall well-being. We do this by opening and balancing the connective tissue and muscular systems, collectively the myofascia, of first the lower body as foundation, then the upper body, and ending with balance and lift of the head, neck and spine.

It’s meant to initiate change (for the better) in your posture, your movement, your energy, and your general dynamism in your ability to adapt to all that life demands, wonderful and otherwise.

Probably the most notable difference for me between this and most bodywork/massage is that it’s got a clear start and end, and is whole unto itself. It’s a really wonderful series, and I’m happy and honored to be learning and now getting to share this work with you!

To be on this short list, I’ll ask that you engage in an old-school pinky swear that you’re in for all three, and I’ll add you to the list of only 16 until it’s full. Again, the first 16 to do this I’ll see at $85 per session. You’ll pay at the end of each, or for all three at once if you’d like. Credit card, cash or check all good.

After the first 16 sign up, the price will increase to $110, my regular rate for 90 minute sessions right now, still $75 total off my soon-to-be price of $135 per session.

Again, to sign up, send me an email—bodywork (at) liambowler (dot) com—and we’ll set up at least your first session!

Questions? Please first read through the questions below to see if yours is there, and if not or you want to chat more, please email me—bodywork (at) liambowler (dot) com—or give a ring at 415 .. 464 .. 7115.

Q: I’m already a client of yours. Will this affect other work we do together?

A: Yes, actually. For maximum effectiveness of this series, should you choose to sign up for the 3-Series, we won’t do any work together for at least two weeks before and at least three weeks after the series. It’s a pretty different paradigm than a weekly session, for sure, and one I’m so in love with right now, I’d rather have you experience this at its most potent than dilute it for any other reason.

Q: Does the work hurt? I’ve heard Structural Integration can hurt.

A: It doesn’t need to by any means, nor is it a case of “the more it hurts, the better results you’re going to get, so best to suck it up …” We’ll talk in person about this, but in short, the intensity of the session will be largely determined by both of us, and ultimately by you; as in: you’re in the driver’s seat.

Q: What should I bring?

A: As you’ll be getting on and off the table, and for the bodyreading portion of the session, please bring undergarments that you feel comfortable wearing for the whole 90 minutes. I’ll have a blanket to cover you for warmth if you’d like while you’re on the table. For many people, this will be underwear and a bra, or a swimsuit.

Q: What’s the bodyreading part?

A: This is part of what I think makes this work so unique and so powerfully effective. The start of each session, and more briefly throughout, you’ll stand in your undergarments and we’ll get a good sense of your posture, i.e. where your bones are in the space of your soft tissue system, and that will largely inform the work we do.

This really isn’t about “good posture/bad posture” or “you should be doing this or that.” It’s about working most skillfully for you and your body. Every body, every session, will be different, and this is a big part of determining those differences. It’s a really great part of the work.

Q: Is this a good remedy for sore muscles after a workout?

A: It’s less that type of bodywork than it is looking at the long arc of use and postural patterns. Ultimately, in a roundabout kind of way, it’s a re-inventing of this “you” that moves through the world.

Q: I’m still not sure about this …

A: Cool. Great! To a large extent, I’d encourage all of us to be skeptical about something until we know it for ourselves one way or another! I will say that this length (3 sessions as opposed to 10 or 12 for longer series work) and this price are about as good an intro as I’d imagine you’ll find.

And lastly, this work isn’t for everyone. Though if you’ve made it this far in this list, my guess would be there’s something in it for you …

Again, give me a call or an email if you’d like to talk further about what this all is, and how it may or may not be right for you right now.


Liam Bowler, LMP


One response to “KMI 3 Series Discount Offer

  1. Molly Galusha

    I would love to come to your July/Aug sessions in Montana. Kim told me about your work and I wish you could be here sooner.
    Sign me up!

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