I love sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve been an educator by trade in nearly every job I’ve held since I was 15, from taekwondo to climbing mountains to the federal budget process for middle schoolers.

Recently, I taught a 90-minute anatomy workshop to a group of high schoolers, and find myself educating many of my bodywork clients on what’s going on in their bodies (as a larger answer to what they can do about it).

To contact me about teaching an anatomy workshop, a climbing workshop, or finger painting basics, shoot me an email! The worst thing that’ll happen is I’ll say no … and write you back when my finger painting skills are more up to par.

Prologue … a word on Mr Stuff (check out link; Mr Stuff starts in at 8:30)

Mr Stuff is a character, brainchilded by myself and Roni Krouzman (who’s at ronikrouzman.com), who teaches kids (of all ages) to reduce, reuse and recycle.

This was some of the most fun I’ve had being an educator. When I get a few more moments, I’ll tell the whole story, but the gist of it is Mr Stuff “interrupts” an eco-assembly—hundreds of kids in an auditorium—while blabbing on his iPhone … He’s then educated by these hundreds of kids to not throw stuff on the ground, then to recycle, then to reuse, and finally … to discard his enormous amounts of stuff (headphones, iPod, computers) and to engage simply with his friends and life.

Then we sing a song! It’s all here. (A 16-minute video; Mr Stuff starts in 8 min 30 sec).

I LOVE doing stuff like this … if you have any inspirations about how Mr Stuff can make his next debut, please let me know!


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